APAC'01 Visa Application and Hotel Reservation Form

September 17-21, 2001 Beijing, China

Given Name:
Middle Name:
Family Name:
Nationality or Region:
Passport Number:
Mailing Address:
Post Code:
E-mail address:
The city where you can get your visa at the Chinese embassy or Chinese consulate:

Information for accompanying person

Note: If you have more than one accompanying people, please use comma to seperate their names and passport numbers in the following form. Thank you.
Given Name:
Middle Name:
Family Name:
Passport Number:

I want to reserve

a single room at Media Hotel or
a standard room at Media Hotel or
a suite at Media Hotel or
a room at MST Guesthouse or
a room at IHEP Guesthouse
Don't reserve hotel now

for nights from September to September
and pay the cost by bank transfer or at the registration desk .

For bank transfer, please see the First Announcement for our account number and the name of bank.

My accompanying persons want to participate in the Social Programs:
The Temple of Heaven and Lama Temple
The Forbidden City
The Summer Palace
The Great Wall and the Ming Tombs
The Beijing Zoo
The Beihai Park
The Chinese Residence Garden
Beijing Opera
Beijing Evening Show

Please fill out the number of people, include you and your accompanying person, who may attend the post conference program: Post-T1, Post-T2, Post-t3.

For those who want to send surface mail or fax, please send it to:

Mr. Zhang Jingjun
Institute of High Energy Physics
P.O. Box 918
Beijing 100039
P.R. China
Fax: 86-10-68213374


The other information concerning the local issues of the conference and the registration fee are the same as the first announcement.