Second Asian Particle Accelerator Conference

September 17-21, 2001 Beijing, China

First Announcement

Letter from Chairmen

October 30, 2000

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA), we are pleased to announce that the Second Asian Particle Accelerator Conference (APAC'01) will be held in Beijing, China from 17 to September 21, 2001. The conference will be hosted by the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is a continuation as a series of conferences on accelerator science and technology in Asia. The previous one, the First Asian Particle Accelerator Conference, APAC'98, was successfully held at KEK in 1998.

The International Advisory Committee, the Scientific Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee for APAC'01 have been formed. We warmly welcome you to attend this conference next year. People of the whole accelerator community, Asian and non-Asian, are invited to participate and to contribute. Young scientists and students joining the field are particularly welcome.

This conference will cover all aspects of accelerators, from colliders to applications of accelerators. The scope of the conference is as follows: status of accelerators in operation, new accelerator projects, high voltage accelerators, linear accelerators, cyclotrons, synchrotrons, colliders, synchrotron radiation light sources, free electron lasers, medical accelerators, radioactive beam facilities, neutron sources, beam dynamics, accelerator technologies, particle sources, application and miscellaneous. The detailed scientific program will be figured out accordingly.

You are welcome to visit the APAC'01 web site where the first announcement, papers submission and all of the necessary information concerning the scientific program as well as registration, accommodation, social activities and excursions are provided. If you have any comments or suggestions on the conference and its organization, please feel free to contact the organizers by e-mail to apac@mail.ihep.ac.cn or by fax to 86-10-68213374. The APAC'01 web site will be regularly updated to include the latest information available. You may visit it at:


We look forward to meeting you at APAC'01

Sincerely yours,

Shouxian Fang and Won Namkung
Chairmen of the APAC'01 International Advisory Committee

Zhiyuan Guo and Shin-ichi Kurokawa
Chairmen of the APAC'01 Scientific Program Committee

Chuang Zhang and Rucheng Hou Chairmen of the APAC'01 Local Organizing Committee

Letter from Chairmen

March 11, 2000

Dear Colleagues,

Since the first announcement on the Second Asian Particle Accelerator Conference (APAC'01) was released, we have received number of abstracts. However, the contributions did not yet come from countries and areas broadly. To encourage more people to contribute papers and to attend the conference, we would like to announce, on behalf of the organizing committee of the APAC'01, that the deadline for abstracts and registration forms is extended from 15 March to 15 April, 2001. People of the whole accelerator community, Asian and non-Asian, are welcome to participate and contribute to the APAC'01, especially young scientists and students in the field.

Please remind your colleagues of the extended deadline of submitting abstracts. Among the abstracts we have already received, some were sent with papers or disks. However, the preferred way for abstract submission is to use the Abstract Submission Form from the APAC'01 web page if you can link it smoothly from your home affiliations. The address of the APAC'01 web page is: http://apac01.ihep.ac.cn .

Sincerely yours,

Zhiyuan Guo and Shin-ichi Kurokawa
Chairmen, APAC'01 Scientific Program Committee

Chuang Zhang and Rucheng Hou
Chairmen, APAC'01 Local Organizing Committee


The Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA), which was established in 1996, decided at its first meeting in Pohang to hold the Asian Accelerator Conference (APAC) every three years. The first conference, APAC'98, was successfully held in Japan organized by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) as the host institute. It was decided at the Second ACFA Meeting, on the occasion of APAC'98, that the Second Asian Accelerator Conference, APAC'01, will be held in Beijing, The People's Republic of China, from September 17 to 21, 2001, hosted by the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. The conference will cover new developments in all aspects of the science, technology and use of particle accelerators.

Working Language

The official working language of the conference is English.

Scientific Program

The scientific program of APAC'01 will consist of invited oral presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations. The Scientific Program Committee with the advice from the International Advisory Committee will decide, on the basis of abstracts, which papers are to be selected as invited oral presentation, and which papers are suitable for oral presentation. The rest of the papers will be presented as posters. The full program of papers and speakers will be available on the APAC'01 web site in June of 2001.

Call for Papers

Papers from the whole field of accelerator physics and technology are solicited, including low- and high-energy machines, and accelerators for medical and industrial purposes, and accelerator sub-systems. Since no contributions are accepted for publication only, any paper accepted for presentation, which is not presented at the conference, will be excluded from the proceedings. In order to maintain the high standard of APAC'01 proceedings and to keep them to a reasonable size, potential authors are reminded that only original work should be submitted. Papers, which have been published elsewhere, will be rejected.


The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is April 15, 2001. They must be prepared and classified according to the rules for the submission of abstracts. Authors are required to take particular note that the classification will be used to position the contribution within the program sessions at the conference. Authors of papers submitted for presentation at the conference will be informed of their acceptance in May 2001. All submitted abstracts will be published on web page before the conference and a collection of abstracts will be printed in the usual form. Abstracts brochure will be available upon registration at the conference. Queries concerning the submission of abstracts should be directed to the scientific secretary of APAC'01.

Poster Sessions

Authors whose papers are accepted for poster presentation will receive instructions for their preparation in May 2001. To make the poster sessions as attractive, successful and rewarding as possible, authors of posters are strongly encouraged to take particular care in their preparations.


The proceedings will be produced from the files submitted by the contributors. Instructions for the preparation of the electronic files for the proceedings will be sent to submitting authors in May 2001. The proceedings will be published a few months after the conference in CD-ROM form, printed book and electronic form in net. A CD-ROM will be mailed free of charge to registered participants. It will also be possible to purchase hard copy volumes and extra CD-ROMs.

Rules for Submission of Abstracts

Methods of Submission

Abstracts must reach the APAC'01 scientific secretary by the deadline for the submission of abstracts: April 15, 2001. Authors may submit abstracts in several ways:

1. Preferred method: Authors equipped with a web browser capable of handling fill-in forms (e.g. Netscape 3 or later) should use the electronic Abstract Submission Form.

2. Authors may exceptionally submit abstracts by e-mail to the scientific secretary (apac@mail.ihep.ac.cn), attached to e-mail, or on diskett for using PC Word or ASCII file only. No LaTeX will be accepted for abstracts.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Abstracts

If your web browser does not handle forms, follow the guidelines below for the preparation of your abstract to be transmitted by a method specified under point 2 above.

Contents listed in sequence


Authors are reminded that it is their responsibility to properly classify their abstracts using the Session and Classification numbers. The classification will ensure that the paper is properly placed within the conference program. And authors are also reminded to indicate the preferred category for their presentations: oral or poster.

Note that the submitting authors will receive all correspondence from the APAC organizers relating to the contribution. It is assumed that submitting authors would present the paper for oral presentation if it is so selected. The names of submitting authors/persons who will make oral presentations, will be underlined in the abstracts brochure and conference program. If a person other than the submitting author would present the paper, then this should be mentioned.

Sessions and Classifications

1. Status of Accelerators in Operation and New Accelerator Projects
2. High Voltage Accelerators and Linear Accelerators
3. Cyclotrons, Synchrotrons and Colliders
4. Synchrotron Radiation Light Sources and Free Electron Lasers
5. Beam Dynamics
6. Accelerator Technologies
7. Radioactive Beam Facilities and Neutron Sources
8. Medical Accelerators
9. Application and Miscellaneous

Deadlines and Dates

April 15, 2001 Deadline for receipt of abstracts
April 15, 2001 Deadline for receipt of registration form
August 15, 2001 Deadline for hotel reservation, and receipt of bank transfer
September 17-21, 2001 Conference
September 18, 2001 Deadline for receipt of papers

Conference Organization

International Advisory Committee

Chairmen: Shouxian Fang and Won Namkung

Committee members

Ts. Baatar, Mongolia

S. Baik, PAL

D.D. Bhawalker, CAT

H.S. Chen, IHEP

J.E. Chen, NSFC

S.Y. Chen, SSRC

S.P. Chia, INIT Malaysia

Y. Cho, ANL

B.H. Choi, KARI

A. Djaloeis, NAEA

S.X. Fang, IHEP

M. Habibuddin, BAEC


H. Kamitsubo, Spring-8

Y. Kamiya, U. Tokyo

J.L. Laclare, CEA

S.C. Lee, IP

G.K. Mehta, NSC

T.T. Minh, INST

S. Nagamiya, KEK/JAERI

Won Namkung, POSTECH

W. Pairsuwan, NSRC

M. Regler, AAS

R. Sah, SRRC

R. Shahabuddin, U. Quaid-e-Azam

B. Sinha, SINP

H. Sugawara, KEK

K. Takata, KEK

N. Tovey, U. Melbourne

B.W. Wei, IMP

C. Zhang, IHEP

Scientific Program Committee

Chairmen: Zhiyuan Guo and Shin-ichi Kurokawa

Scientific Secretaries: Jiuqing Wang

Committee members

J.S. Bak, PAL

J. Boldeman, ASRP

A.W. Chao, SLAC

A. Djaloeis, NAEA

A.K.M. Fazlulhoque, AFS

S.N. Ganguli, TATA

Z.Y. Guo, IHEP

Z.Yu Guo, Peking U.

K. Hirata, GUAS

T. Ishii, NSRC

S.S. Kapoor, PARC


M. Kumagai, Spring-8

C.C. Kuo, SRRC

S. Kurokawa, KEK

K.K. Lin, SRRC

Y.Z. Lin, U. Tsinghua

Z.P. Liu, NSRL

G. Jackson, FNAL

S. Myers, CERN

V.D. Nguyen, IP

A. Noda, U. Kyoto

A.S. Raja Rao, CAT

L. Rivkin, PSI

K. Sato, U. Osaka

L. Teng, ANL

C. Tuniz, ANST

W.T. Weng, BNL

W. White, U. National

Y. Yano, RIKEN

H. Yokomizo, JAERI


W.L. Zhan, IMP

Z.T. Zhao, SSRC

Local Organizing Committee

Chairmen: Chuang Zhang and Rucheng Hou

Secretary: Jinjun Zhang

Committee members

R.C. Hou, IHEP

 Y.G. Li, IHEP


 G.X. Pei, IHEP


 T.G. Xu, IHEP

C. Zhang, IHEP

 J. Zhao, IHEP



The conference is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Particle Accelerator Society of China.

Special Meeting on the Conference

It was decided on the 5th Plenary ACFA Meeting that the next meeting, the 6th Plenary ACFA Meeting would be held on September 16, 2001. The proposal of other accelerator related meetings on the conference is welcome, and the secretary of the Local Organizing Committee can be contacted for it.

Industry Exhibition

Industrial exhibition during APAC'01 is being considered. The companies and enterprises involving the accelerator business are welcome to join the exhibition. Those who are interested in the exhibition may contact the conference organizers.


For early planning purpose, all the participants are requested to fill in a PREREGISTRAITON FORM and return it to the Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee no later than April 15, 2001. The time for registration will be 08:30-21:30 on September 16 and 08:30-11:30 on September 17 at Media Center where the conference will be held. Registration will be available for late arrivals until September 19, 2001.

Registration fee

250 US Dollars for each participant before August 15
300 US Dollars for each participant after August 15 or at the registration desk
80 US Dollars for each accompanying person

The Institute of High Energy Physics invites all the registered participants to tour the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC) on September 17 afternoon at 17:00 and to attend the welcome reception at 18:00 at IHEP Seminar Hall.

General Information

Conference Location

The conference location is Media Center which is located in Chang An Street, 5 kilometers west of the center of Beijing, 35 kilometers west of the Capital International Airport.


Hotel arrangement has been made at Media Center (a three-star hotel) and IHEP guest house.

The hotel rates are specially negotiated for this conference. All participants are required to reserve in advance in order to enjoy the preferential rates. For details, please refer to the reply form.

Passport and Visa

An official invitation letter will be sent to each participant who needs to apply for visa at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate, after the registration form is received by the secretary of the Local Organizing Committee.

Payment and Bank Transfer

Financial support

There is a very limited budget to support a few participants from third world countries. It could be contacted with the conference organizers.


September in Beijing is very pleasant. The average temperature is about 23 degrees centigrade in the daytime and 15 degrees centigrade at night. It is normally clear and dry. For those who join post-conference T1, it is better to take umbrellas with them, and for those who join T2 and T3, they need to wear warm clothes.

Travel and Arrival

Taxis are always available at the airport. Transportation from the airport to Media Center costs about RMB170 (US$22). As for the cost from the airport to IHEP guest house or Yinya Hotel, it is about RMB210 (US$26). It should be paid directly by the passenger himself.

Activities, Tours and Excursions


This program is arranged mainly for the accompanying persons so that they may fully enjoy their stay in Beijing. However, regular participants are also welcome to take part in the program at evenings.

September 17, Morning -   Open
              Afternoon - Temple of Heaven and Lama Temple
September 18, Morning -   Forbidden City
              Afternoon - Summer Palace
September 19, Morning -   Beijing Zoo
              Afternoon - Beihai Park
              Evening -   Beijing Opera
September 20, Whole day - Great Wall and Ming Tombs
September 21, Morning -   Chinese Residence Garden
              Afternoon - Shopping at Wangfujing Street 

Post_Conference Tours

Postconference tours for the participants will be arranged by the Local Organizing Committee. Optional tour routes are preliminarily arranged as follows:

POST-T1: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin-Beijing

Date : September 22-September 26 (4 nights and 5 days)

Sightseeing :

Xi'an: Qin Terra-Cotta Soldiers and Horse Figures Museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Tumulus of Qinshihuangdi, Banpo Museum, Excursion at Qianling, Yongtai Prince Tomb, Xianyang Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Provincial Museum and Xian City Wall.

Guilin: Reed Flute Cave, Li River Cruise and Elephant Hill.

POST-T2 Silk Road Trip: Beijing-Xian-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi-Beijing

Date : September 22-September 29 (7 nights and 8 days)


Xian: Qin Terra-Cotta Soldiers and Horse Figures Museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, City Wall, Stone Tablet Museum;

Dunhuang: Mogottoes, Sand-sounding Hills, Crescent Moon Lake,etc;

Turpan: Thousand Buddha's Cave, Ancient City Remains, Grape Pitches, Museum, etc;

Urumqi: Heaven Lake, Museum, etc.

POST-T3 Tibet Trip: Beijing-Chengdu-Lhasa-Chengdu-Beijing

Date: September 22-28 (7 nights and 8 days)


Lhasa: The Potala Palace, New Palace in Norbu Lingka, Jokhang Monastery, Drepung Monastery,etc;

Xigaze: Yamzhog Yumco, Zhaxi Lhunbo Monastery, etc.


For the price of excursions and each tour, we will put more information on the web site soon later.