The Second Announcement from the Local Organization Committee


Hotel Accommodation


Accommodations for participants to APAC'01 have been reserved at Media Hotel, and the Guesthouse attached to Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) and IHEP Guesthouse (Yinya Hotel has been cancelled).


Media Hotel, rated as a three-star hotel, is a Sino-Japanese joint venture. It is located in the western part of Beijing, only 5 kilometers away from the city center and 6 kilometers away from the Institute of High Energy Physics. The Chinese Military Museum and the Century Altar stand at the east of the hotel. With a subway station and some bus stops near Media Hotel, it is quite convenient for visitors. Media Hotel is equipped with a variety of styles of restaurants and bars, facilities like gym, sauna, beauty salon billiard, business center and bank for money exchange, etc. Media Hotel accepts major credit cards.


The MST Guesthouse is to the west of Media Hotel, only one kilometer away from Media Hotel. The Guesthouse rooms are air-conditioned and with bath rooms. It has restaurants inside and also has a business center. Only Chinese currency is accepted there.


The IHEP Guesthouse is located right on the campus of the Institute of High Energy Physics. The Guesthouse rooms are air-conditioned and with bath rooms. It has a restaurant just beside it. Only Chinese currency is accepted there.


The hotel rates for Media Hotel is 360 RMB per night (44 US dollars) for a single room and 410 RMB (50 US dollars) for a standard room. The suite is 950 RMB (115 US dollars), all including an American style breakfast. Since single rooms are limited, the principle of first-come first-served will be followed.


The MST Guesthouse only has standard rooms. The room rate is 208 RMB (25 US dollars) per night, including a Chinese style breakfast.


The IHEP Guesthouse only has standard rooms. The room rate is 212 RMB (26 US dollars), breakfast is not included.


Participants are required to fill out the Visa Application Form and Hotel Reservation Form and send them to APAC'01 secretary Mr. Zhang Jinjun through the web side or by email. Rooms will be reserved according to the requests of the participants. Participants can get the same room rates if they want to arrive two days early or leave two days late out of the conference duration. The dead line for the hotel reservation and receipt of bank transfer is extended to 31 August 2001 instead of 15 August 2001 as announced before.


Working Lunch


For the convenience of all participants, the Local Organizing Committee will organize 5 working lunches from 17th September to 21th September at Media Hotel. The Chinese style buffet with some drinks will be served. Participants need to buy lunch coupons at the registration desk. Each lunch coupon is 60 RMB (about 7.25 US dollars).


Social Program


The social program is arranged mainly for the accompanying persons so that they may fully enjoy their stay in Beijing. The program and cost are as follows:


September 17 

   Morning:   Open

   Afternoon:  The Temple of Heaven and Lama Temple (15 US dollars for each person)

September 18 

   Morning:   The Forbidden City (15 US dollars)

   Afternoon:  The Summer Palace (15 US dollars)

September 19 

   Morning:   Beijing Zoo (8 US dollars)

   Afternoon:  Beihai Park (8 US dollars)

   Evening:    Beijing Opera (15 US dollars)

September 20 

   the Whole day:  Great Wall and Ming Tombs (40 US dollars)

September 21 

   Morning:   Chinese Residence Garden (15 US dollars)

   Afternoon:  Shopping at Wangfujing Street (5 US dollars)

   Evening:   Beijing Evening Show (15 US dollars)


Post Conference Tours


Post Conference Tours for the participants and accompanying persons will be arranged by the Conference Organizing Committee. Optional tour routes are as follows:


POST-T1:  Beijing-Xian-Guilin

Date: September 22-September 26 (4 nights and 5 days)


Xian: Qin Terra-Cotta Soldiers and Horse Figures Museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Tumulus of Qinshihuangdi, Banpo Museum, Excursion at Qianling,Yongtai Prince Tomb, Xianyang Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Provincial Museum and Xian City Wall.

Guilin:  Reed Flute Cave, Li River Cruise and Elephant Hill.

There are flights between Guilin and Hongkong,  and between Guilin and Shanghai, between Guilin and Beijing. We can help participants to reserve those flights if they wish to.


POST-T2  Silk Road trip  Beijing-Xian-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi-Beijing

Date : September 22-September 29 (7 nights and 8 days)


Xian: Qin Terra-Cotta Soldiers and Horse Figures Museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, City Wall, Stone Tablet Museum;Dunhuang: Mogottoes, Sand-Sounding Hills, Crescent Moon Lake,etc;

Turpan: Thousand Buddhas' Cave, Ancient City Remains, Grape Pitches,Museum, etc;

Urumqi: Heaven Lake, Museum, etc.


POST - T3  Tibet Trip  Beijing-Chengdu-Lhasa-Chengdu-Beijing

Date: September 22-28 (67 nights and 78 days)


Lhasa: The Potala Palace, New Palace in Norbu Lingka, Jokhang Monastery,

Drepung Monastery,etc;

Xigaze: Yamzhog Yumco, Zhaxi Lhunbo Monastery, etc.




1. The basic quotes for the above tours are based on each group consisting of more than 10 persons, and full-package service is provided which includes hotel accommodation, three meals daily, inter and inner city transportation in China, airport tax, foreigner into Tibet application fee, entrance fairs to all the scenic spots, sightseeing with English speaking guides.


2. The prices for the above tour are as follows:

  POST-T1  US$742 (D)   US$844(S)

  POST-T2  US$1170 (D)   US$1270(S)

  POST-T3  US$1180(D)    US$1200(S)


3. Participants are to pay the chosen tour charge during the registration on September 16 and 17, 2001.


In the above-mentioned price, (D) and (S) indicate respectively DOUBLE OCCUPANCY and SINGLE OCCUUPANCY for hotel accommodation. If there are less than ten people in any of the tour routes, the price will be set according to the following:


POST-T1  2-9 persons  US$751(D)  US$853(S)

POST-T2  2-9 persons  US$ 1280(D)  US$1390(S)

POST-T3  2-9 persons  US$ 1330(D)  US$1410(S)


China Entry Visa


Each participant will receive a visa letter after his or her Visa Application Form is received. Please let us know which Chinese embassy or consulate is convenient for you to apply for entry visa.


Transportation for the conference


Taxis are always available at the airport. Transportation from the airport to Media Hotel or to MST Guesthouse, or to IHEP Guesthouse costs about RMB170 (US$22). It should be paid directly by yourself. Please show the following note to the taxi driver:


Please take me to Media Hotel.


Please take me to MST Guesthouse.

The address is Fuxinglu Road Jia 15.


Please take me to IHEP Guest house.

The address is 19 Yu Quan Lu Road.


For the convenience of the participants, the conference organizers can arrange the airport pick up. Those who want to be picked up at the airport, please inform us of their date and flight of arrival to APAC'01 secretary, Mr. Zhang Jinjun by email. The pick up cost is 15 US dollars/person..


MST Guesthouse to Media hotel is about 10 minutes' walk. During the conference, a bus will be provided to take the participants staying at the MST Guesthouse freely to and back from Media hotel.


A bus will also be provided to take the participants staying at the IHEP Guesthouse freely to and back from Media hotel during the conference.