Paper Preparation for APAC'01

The proceedings with the contributed papers will be distributed by CD-ROMs and printed books. We will follow the PAC, EPAC, and APAC way of preparing proceedings, which is decided by an international collaboration called the Joint Accelerator Conference Website Committee (JACoW). Please click here for the template. The general requirements are available in the text of the templates from the web. Authors should follow them carefully so that all papers will have a consistent format and appearance. Questions about the preparation of papers should be addressed to the APAC'01 secretariat (

1. Page limits
Papers for posters and contributed oral talks: Up to three pages,
Paper for invited oral talks: Up to five pages.

2. Page Numbers
Please do not include page numbers in your papers.

3. Hard Copy
Authors must submit two copies of paper in camera-ready format together with the submission sheet, which is available at the conference, to the APAC'01 electronic publication staff at the conference site during the conference.

4. Margin
A4 paper US Letter Paper
Top 37 mm 19 mm(.75in)
Bottom 19 mm 19 mm(.75in)
Left 20 mm 20 mm(.79in)
Right 20 mm 26 mm(1.00in)
Use the margins specified. Do not adjust the margins even slightly to get extra lines.